Boom Bap Festival 

Hip Hop article

I assisted Boom Bap Festival 2 weeks ago and received my photos today. A purely Hip Hop festival with a powerful line-up. This was the 4th edition, my first time and I was far from let down. My favourite festival for the moment as it ticked off everything from the list: good vibes, good music and lovely people. Something that I really appreciated was the fact that everyone knew their classics and appreciated the music. As soon as a song would come on the crowd would roar whatever the time. And if not a Hip Hop connoisseur,at the end you definitely would be after all the beats that were pounded out of the speakers.  There was music for all, if you wanted some calm, chilled instrumentals you would find it, if you wanted upbeat drum and bass you would find it. There was an interesting mix of things going on constantly: beat battles, graffiti artists doing there thing, rap battles. One thing that added an amazing touch was to see the artists enjoying themselves as much as we were. You would walk past Ocean Wisdom going to get a smoothie, or dance next to Dirty Dike and Baxter who were loving it. All I have to say is that if you haven’t already been to Boom Bap do, or you are missing out on a whole hip hop experience.



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