Mr. Key & Greenwood Sharps – Kids Story

New U.K Hip Hop

This song is from the duos album ‘Yesterday’s Futures’ released in June 2015. It was created in an obscure cottage in Scotland where they shut themselves off from the world to be solely with their music. Kids Story has the raw emotional storytelling of children in difficult positions and the struggles of entering adulthood. The lyrics are poignant and realistic, they are told with a poetry that makes you mouth-opened and yet wanting more.

Mr. Key started his rap career making a few tunes and being part of the group Contact Play while making a few collaborations with the likes of Dirty Dike and Jam Baxter during the formation of High Focus. He has always had deep, well-formed lyrics. Since then he has been very distant from the Hip Hop scene making very few appearances. 

However this comeback shows that he has returned stronger than ever. We can see a certain maturity in his words as well as the themes depicted such as loss, depression, adulthood, love etc. what makes Mr. Key sound refreshing is his lack of ego that we find too often in Hip Hop and can sometimes be overwhelming. We sense his purpose is to give us the truth and he does this without any vulgarity. 

Greenwood Sharps uses a variety of sounds and melodies that give an eerie, spaced-out effect. The mixture of Greenwood Sharps and Mr. Key has created a unique Hip Hop album as it has given a fresh side to U.K Hip Hop. The album is took us all by surprise with their first preview ‘Fall Away’ released in May and has since then been incredibly well received. 


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