Beny Le Brownies – Les Seigneurs de Dogtown

NEw Track

Today Vulgaire Finesse is going through a cultural phenomenon. Vulgaire Finesse is bringing French Hip Hop to your ears with this new artist who is doing France proud.

Beny Le Brownies sucks you into a whirlpool of his young, French lifestyle: Hip Hop/ skateboarding/ beer/ parties. This M.C from Annecy, Rhône-Alpes is able to shout out with his deep voice to all the young Frenchies. His tracks are easy to listen to, inspired by his passions and everyday life. However he adds the odd reflective, serious bar about society/politics which shows the cultural trait of social awareness in these young French adults. 

Beny Le Brownies has a lazy, hazy flow with chilled instrumentals. He is an up and coming artist for the French Hip Hop scene and is often referred to as: the French equivalent of Earl Sweatshirt. 

So, let yourself be thrown into the French skaters lifestyle and relax

Give his E.P ‘Pre-Dora’ a listen!

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