Ocean Wisdom – Splittin’ The Racket

New U.K Hip Hop

When there is a new release from Ocean Wisdom produced by Dirty Dike you know you have a masterpiece in your hands. 

The new High Focus member has released his new track ‘Splittin’ The Racket’. Ocean Wisdom took the Hip Hop heads by storm with his last song ‘Walkin”, and this one can only be as promising. Blooming Ocean Wisom, track by track is enforcing his style: energetic, speedy and tough. Wisdoms talent for spitting fast can not go unnoticed whilst his instrumentals are as poignant as his flow. 

Splittin’ The Racket is just another way of confirming this M.C’s talent and predicting how huge he is becoming. However similar this song can be found to Walkin’, it can not be denied that this rapper knows how to kill it. The lyrics, flow and instrumental fit together perfectly with the same intensity. Dirty Dike who produced the track with the sample from Cypress Hill – ‘Ain’t going out like that’, created a melody that has brought out Ocean Wisdoms talents to perfection. In this video produced by Aboveground (a talented director and photographer in the Hip Hop scene) we find a very hyped artistic his hometown Brighton. This hype demonstrates just how good he can be live. 

Now this U.K rapper has left us in awe awaiting his new album ‘Choas 93’ which will be dropped later on in 2015.

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