Lava La Rue -Archie

New U.K Hip Hop

New sparkling discoveries to start the year, with Ava Laurel a youthful musician from South London.
Pure and dreamy lyrics that make you feel as if you are floating on candy-floss. Her soulful lyrics on a basic yet ideal instrumental create a crisp perfection. Hopefully more of these beats are to come out.

Finn Foxell – City Kids

New U.K Hip Hop

Finn Foxell is a young, blossoming London City kid fresh on soundcloud. This 16 year old is striking our attention with his skills. His relaxed but nonetheless professional beats and bars remind me of an English Joey Bada$$ at the debut of his career. 

We can sense his inexperienced, young lifestyle, which is not disrespect nor criticism, it’s a appreciation to be able to dive into someone’s light-hearted, youthful and hazy/stoners every day’s lifestyle. Give his E.P Introvert a listen and you will fall into his trap. He’s also done songs with Sensei and Sam Wise who bring together chilled, hazy good flows and good vibes. 


Hip Hop article, New U.K Hip Hop

A new funkadelic record label has made it’s appearance for the U.K alternative Hip Hop scene. A simple click will transport you into the beautiful yet hectic mind of Onoe Caponoe and his disciples. A colourful and psychedelic world is to be discovered with, what only I can depict as ‘acid-trip-hop-rock’ sidetrack. 

This trippy website incorporates two of Onoe Caponoes talents: his artwork and unique musical discoveries. His artwork, well known and distinguished: Trippy doodles, funky typography filled with vibrant colours in his notepad can only catch the eye. 

Experimental, unpredictable Hip Hop to zone out to. All these artists can transport you through their deep minds to their dark souls. These wavey tunes include some of Onoe Caponoes less known mixtapes and tracks and has found the likes of London artists such as Tightill, YT, members of the 169 crew, each with their own particular, peculiar traits. 


Keep your wits about you as this record label expands. As the almighty new gems make their shine make sure you keep your eye on them as no one wants to miss their ascendence. 


Mr.Key & Greenwood Sharps – Rituals ft. Jam Baxter 

New U.K Hip Hop

Every song that Mr. key has brought out on the album ‘Yesterday’s Futures’ have left the High Focus fans mouth-opened, with an addiction for the replay button. An artist who is able to put out an intense amount of wiseness into his work leaves one awaiting solely for more.

In ‘Rituals’ Greenwood Sharps adds an oriental style chilled-electronical production which can only add to the beauty of this wordsmiths talents. If that was not enough Jam Baxter adds his touch with deep metaphors. 

We can only see that Mr. keys comeback has been one of the richest supplements to U.K’s Hip Hop scene in 2015.

Ocean Wisdom – Splittin’ The Racket

New U.K Hip Hop

When there is a new release from Ocean Wisdom produced by Dirty Dike you know you have a masterpiece in your hands. 

The new High Focus member has released his new track ‘Splittin’ The Racket’. Ocean Wisdom took the Hip Hop heads by storm with his last song ‘Walkin”, and this one can only be as promising. Blooming Ocean Wisom, track by track is enforcing his style: energetic, speedy and tough. Wisdoms talent for spitting fast can not go unnoticed whilst his instrumentals are as poignant as his flow. 

Splittin’ The Racket is just another way of confirming this M.C’s talent and predicting how huge he is becoming. However similar this song can be found to Walkin’, it can not be denied that this rapper knows how to kill it. The lyrics, flow and instrumental fit together perfectly with the same intensity. Dirty Dike who produced the track with the sample from Cypress Hill – ‘Ain’t going out like that’, created a melody that has brought out Ocean Wisdoms talents to perfection. In this video produced by Aboveground (a talented director and photographer in the Hip Hop scene) we find a very hyped artistic his hometown Brighton. This hype demonstrates just how good he can be live. 

Now this U.K rapper has left us in awe awaiting his new album ‘Choas 93’ which will be dropped later on in 2015.

Crave Moore – SAMMO

New U.K Hip Hop

“Blame Dilla for the sting of my words”

This devious, U.K rapper has been a treasure to look further into his tracks. After hearing this M.C on two of my personal favourite tracks ‘Meddling Loops’ Rejjie Snow and ‘Crave’ Jesse James Solomon, I was intrigued by this mysterious voice. The 22 year-old, South-Londoner whose lyrics are on point has the talent to emerge these with his instrumentals to make one- a masterpiece. After posting on SoundCloud a few tracks it leaves an Underground Hip Hop lover craving for more.

This video set in Paris blends perfectly with the song. Clear, artistic visuals are used which emphasise the beauty of the instrumental. The smooth beat used uses elements of jazzy 90’s Hip Hop instrumentals. This is mixed with his smooth, yet deep voice which he masters perfectly. 

Watch out for his next material- it can only be promising!

Jesse James Solomon – The Ride Home

New U.K Hip Hop

Jesse James is a rapper from S.E London. He made his first appearance with the track ‘Came in the name of’ which took us all by surprise. Since then he has come far: he has released his E.P ‘Jesse from S.E’ and dropped the odd track with features with the likes of Rejjie Snow and Jadasea. He usually uses smooth instrumentals accompanied by his soft voice. 

In this new track he shows the effect of time on his life. Jesse James lyrics are of a mixture of his youth, how far he has come and the London lifestyle. He uses a natural tone of voice with a profound instrumental. 

Age Of Luna – Memory Luna

New U.K Hip Hop

Age Of Luna have just put out a fresh video for their track ‘Memory Lane’.

Age of Luna is a refreshing, young Hip Hop and soul infused group from North London. Each member holds an incredible talent on their own, each bringing something different to the table which creates, when together a mind blown experience. Their music can sound similar to 90’s Hip Hop/ soul groups where concious rap and harmony reign. Age of Luna is having an incredible reception with their music for all age groups: charming the old and inspiring the young. 

Memory lane is a deep yet charming tune. With the soulful, melancholic vibe which is created by each member in their individual manner.

Mr. Key & Greenwood Sharps – Kids Story

New U.K Hip Hop

This song is from the duos album ‘Yesterday’s Futures’ released in June 2015. It was created in an obscure cottage in Scotland where they shut themselves off from the world to be solely with their music. Kids Story has the raw emotional storytelling of children in difficult positions and the struggles of entering adulthood. The lyrics are poignant and realistic, they are told with a poetry that makes you mouth-opened and yet wanting more.

Mr. Key started his rap career making a few tunes and being part of the group Contact Play while making a few collaborations with the likes of Dirty Dike and Jam Baxter during the formation of High Focus. He has always had deep, well-formed lyrics. Since then he has been very distant from the Hip Hop scene making very few appearances. 

However this comeback shows that he has returned stronger than ever. We can see a certain maturity in his words as well as the themes depicted such as loss, depression, adulthood, love etc. what makes Mr. Key sound refreshing is his lack of ego that we find too often in Hip Hop and can sometimes be overwhelming. We sense his purpose is to give us the truth and he does this without any vulgarity. 

Greenwood Sharps uses a variety of sounds and melodies that give an eerie, spaced-out effect. The mixture of Greenwood Sharps and Mr. Key has created a unique Hip Hop album as it has given a fresh side to U.K Hip Hop. The album is took us all by surprise with their first preview ‘Fall Away’ released in May and has since then been incredibly well received.