Plane Aggy 

U.K HipHop Artist
In the U.K at a time when so many new artists are generating new abilities , sous-genres and the U.K public is embracing this culture, it is an extremely interesting place to establish yourself. Plane Aggy, a British M.C decided to do the opposite and move to France to allow the French to discover what U.K Hip Hop he had to offer. From a young age Plane Aggy moved to and fro between London, Edinburgh and France. It was in Edinburgh that this young teen began playing around writing bars for his own amusement. At the age of 18 he began to try to involve himself in the Hip Hop scene. However this turned out to be harder than planned. At the time this amateurs experience with Edinburgh’s Hip Hop scene was far from positive. The lack of opportunities to perform proved to be a large barrier. When he did find events he ended up being the black sheep and not fitting in. In a scene that he described as cliquey he found his regional dialect a major set-back. Although he had a rocky début these experiences did not hold him back. They had no negative impact on his motivation and dream to forge his way into the industry. This sense of Hip Hop hostility in Edinburgh is what pushed him to follow the direction towards Bordeaux.

In a city where open MICS are unfamiliar, M.C’s of quality are hard to come by and the general love of classic Hip Hop is rare, Bordeaux was going to be a mission. Where the opportunities are slimmer to make yourself noticed, you have to have an intense drive to succeed. Plane Aggy who was starting from afresh to establish himself encountered difficulties from the start. This M.C explained to me that the French who are generally ignorant to pure U.K Hip Hop tend to listen exclusively to U.S Hip Hop. French Hip Hop in the last few years has had generally an increase of influence from America’s Hip Hop. At first Plane Aggy ‘s Hip Hop was unfamiliar to the French ears but soon he conquered their interest. His musical influences may have helped with gaining his recognition. Plane Aggy grew up to classic U.S Hip Hop artists such as Eminem, Nas, Mac Miller. These artists can be found in his music with his preferred 90’s BPM. A major reason for this M.C’s increase of entourage is the use of 21st centuries technology. His social medias have helped him to grow a large following. With time, work and determination this English artist gained more and more recognition for his work. With more material going out, more gigs and interest came in. This made Plane Aggy’s name become familiar to the Bordelais. While making his mark in Bordeaux more opportunities arose. Plane Aggy throughout his musical career musical has had a clear evolution of style in his tracks. He has messed with darker songs with gloomy lyrics to his more representative oldskool, jazzy, upbeat tracks which incorporate his personal ideas, concepts and views. He is now currently experimenting for his next project with more trippy, dysfunctional characteristics. This trippy change will be found in his just released album ‘Distortion’ which made it’s appearance in October. This “mixed up”, “incoherent ” project was created strangely at his Grandma’s house one alcohol-fuelled evening and as he described “in a comfy chair”. This Tyler-the-Createrish music has been accompanied with a “clock work orange” themed video. So try to pick up this E.P for this strange concoction. I asked this rapper if he had to focus on altering anything technical to please his audience. As Plane Aggy raps in English to a French crowd the major problem arises of the language barrier. To ease these difficulties he pays attention to different aspects to engage the listener as much as possible. He involves the French public lyrically by imposing subtitles on a few of his videos which helps the foreign public to feel closer to the artist on a technical level. This M.C pays close attention to flow to give a greater sensation to the listener of the emotions he is trying to get through. The use of collaborations with singers who add melodies can create a similar effect by adding anther source of energy in the song. These create a unique way of rapping as an artist which permits Plane Aggy to live a singular experience. His opinion on being a U.K artist is as positive one even with the problems that he may come across. For him it is “fun, cool crowds with possibilities to develop from city to city”. So if you are ever in France try and catch him around Bordeaux or other cities. Plane Aggy since starting his trade has seen “an increase of interest from the French for the culture with it bringing in new heads”. With Paris’s interest in London’s underground Hip Hop scene, who knows where France’s Hip Hop will lead.