St. Jude 

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St. Jude is an emcee from Sussex, England. Since 2012, Carl Jackson has been on a quest to establish himself as a rapper in the U.K Hip Hop scene. This all started from a young age when writing poetry in his youth. At the age of 14, he started unearthing U.K Hip Hop with the likes of Skinnyman and Klashnekoff. This would later inspire him to start writing at the age of 18. At the beginning, St. Jude kept his writing very discrete. It was only in 2014 that this emcee decided to take things to the next level and go under the name of Saint Jude. Although immersing himself in Hip Hop he had already been active in multiple music scenes. During his time living in Brighton he was a vocalist in a band They Live which was an infusion of metal and Hip Hop. They released one E.P together called ‘Civil Disobedience’. Despite it being a learning curve, he did not deny the fact of it being fun but he went on to tell me ‘Our future didn’t progress as expected so I chose to focus on establishing myself as an M.C’.

The choice of the name St. Jude is a personal rendition. The Saint being a reflection for ordinary people who use their faith over the impossible odds of everyday life. This fresh E.P  Desperate Times and Lost Causes is a metaphor with Saint Jude. This symbolism can be seen as a preview of the E.P in itself.  This first project has turned into a personal journey for this artist. It incorporates Carl’s trials and tribulations of the last 5 years during a time of transition, sharing his experiences with his listeners. These everyday struggles range from the happy, more hopeful times to the angry, more sombre feelings. Experiences such as being broke, end of relationships, enlighten us into Carl’s views of life, using a poetical, deep medium. This is an E.P to not be listened to lightly. St. Judes bars are worth being given reflection, contemplation and meditation on the profoundness of this very exciting and fresh-as-a-daisy set of beats. The whole E.P incorporates the work of two producers. St. Jude contacted Think and Profound online after finding their work on fellow rappers instrumentals. This emcee released his set of songs for 4D Presents. 4D Presents is a record label that started as a university society for underground, urban Hip Hop and world music, founded by Sixth Sense and Ctek. 4D Presents is Cultured Sounds sister label, an up-and-coming name who is doing more and more events, discovering hidden gems (with the likes of Oracy). So look out for many future releases from this label as not to miss out.                                                                                                                                              
St. Jude, even after releasing his E.P the 26th of June he has been putting in an insane amount of hard work to make ‘Desperate Times and Lost Causes’ get the awareness it deserves. This drive has already produced ideas for a second E.P with a few potential tracks to use already. This new project however will vary from his most recent. He is hoping to create a more varied and conceptual piece of work.  He intends to include more collaborations ‘to mix it up’. This includes a foreseeable track with dub-fiend Fedzilla who has already produced work and performed with St. Jude.

Rising in London
Carl chose to establish himself as St. Jude once settled in London. After experiencing the Hip Hop scene as an artist in Brighton he was able to tell me the benefits of being an emergine musician in London as there is ‘a bigger scene and it’s more welcoming to newbies’. In the captial he has been able to meet many fellow artists, perform at more events  or even just the larger amount of open MIC nights. I went on to ask him his opinion about U.K Hip Hop at the moment. He exclaimed ‘It is presently blossoming and that the amount of ‘big names’ in the game are constantly increasing. All over the U.K, towns are creating their own popular, successful scenes, for example Manchester or Bristol; Boom Bap Festival encapsulates this blossoming’.

Since the release of ‘Desperate Times and Lost Causes’ this rapper has been focusing on it’s promotion. It has been featured on Itch FM, an original Pirate radio station dedicated to Hip Hop. For self promotion St. Jude has been in contact with many other artists for feedback and support. This motivation that he seems embody made me ask where he hoped to see himself in the future in the U.K Hip Hop scene. He replied quite modestly that he would feel appeased once his music was recognised and that he was established in people’s heads rather than commercially; but for the moment it was the writing that kept his satisfaction and determination for establishing himself. To carry on this route of personal success St. Jude has been getting out in the open. He has already played at two main venues in London: Hootananny and the Fox and Furkin.
         St Jude watching Fedzilla perform at the Fox & Furkin

To not miss out on his incredible brainstormed bars make sure you catch him either in Brighton, Crawley or London at Silver Bullet the 3rd of September. If for some absurd reason you can’t catch him be sure to download his free E.P: