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A new funkadelic record label has made it’s appearance for the U.K alternative Hip Hop scene. A simple click will transport you into the beautiful yet hectic mind of Onoe Caponoe and his disciples. A colourful and psychedelic world is to be discovered with, what only I can depict as ‘acid-trip-hop-rock’ sidetrack. 

This trippy website incorporates two of Onoe Caponoes talents: his artwork and unique musical discoveries. His artwork, well known and distinguished: Trippy doodles, funky typography filled with vibrant colours in his notepad can only catch the eye. 

Experimental, unpredictable Hip Hop to zone out to. All these artists can transport you through their deep minds to their dark souls. These wavey tunes include some of Onoe Caponoes less known mixtapes and tracks and has found the likes of London artists such as Tightill, YT, members of the 169 crew, each with their own particular, peculiar traits. 


Keep your wits about you as this record label expands. As the almighty new gems make their shine make sure you keep your eye on them as no one wants to miss their ascendence. 



Onoe Caponoe – Mixtape

Trippy U.K Hip Hop​

Here is a perfect trippy mixtape to chill on while spacing out on the sofa. Onoe Caponoe is a MC from London who has a unique style. He has been putting out abstract beats for a few years now and has given a fresh Input to U.K Hip Hop. He uses a mixture of Hip Hop sous-genres while giving them his own touch. 

This mixtape will take you through a trip of all his calmer, whilst still head-fucking beats. We can hear R&b, alternative rock and soul along with many other vibes.

This young rapper reminds me of a Hip Hop Jimi Hendrix. He shows his personality through his songs: a young, careless, hazy Yet talented MC. Onoe Caponoe has gained a lot of recognition from his album ‘Planet Cattele’ where his instrumentals certainly do not go unnoticed when mixed with his wavey lyrics.