U.S Hip Hop Artist

This 19 year old who has recently hit the Hip Hop scene by storm. With his incredible high speed vocals blended with his extended diverse vocabulary he has come as a surprise in the music scene. Viewed as the mystic offspring of a musical era that has come to an end, he made a special appearance with this US old school Hip Hop at Hifi. This young soul takes us back to an older generation of Hip Hop that is hard to come by nowadays. With his old school drift it is impossible to not guess his influences and idols in music. While being discovered at a rap contest by RA the Rugged Man and within so little time hitting the media  with his mature knowledge of how to spit bars, a musical gem has been discovered. He was soon mentored by RA the Rugged Man and flown to New York to meet some of the most renowned figures from Hip Hop’s golden era such as DJ Premier and Kool G Rap. Since then he has been elevating the quality of Hip Hop’s status and demonstrating to the younger generation as much to the older, that there is still a place for this style of music that has had such a big impact on the world we live in today.


When asked the differences between US and UK hip hop and its reception, A.F.R.O described Europe to be a whole more energetic force. With a lot more movement and upheaval from fans at his gigs compared to the mostly head-bopping from the US this could clearly be seen from Hifi’s gathering. While A.F.R.O performed with Marco Polo, the crowd revelled in this sous-genre of Hip Hop that is practically unknown from the current fresh, young crowds. With his husky, deep voice that vibrates the whole room as he raps with exhilarating and researched vocabulary this rapper who is described as an ‘old soul’ leaves the crowd on edge. While he spits on mellow beats then breaks into lunatic freestyles this new head is reviving the old scene with genuine down-to-earth intentions. When asked what he wanted future Hip Hop to look like his ideal was to ‘just keep touring, keep meeting his fans and keep making music’. This shows the real ambition of his making music as a remedy. While indicating the impact of Hip Hop throughout his life starting with the guidance of his parents initiating him to the likes of NAS and Biggie at the age of 6/7 he was being submerged with this old school material that would have an effect on his musical persona. What stuck to this young individual was the roots of Hip Hop, the soul infused boom bap beats that he would soon interpret and modify to his own unique taste. A.F.R.O has been able to carve a career for himself while working with his favourite ‘O.G’S’, which as he said he is able to incorporate their influence in his music while working with on a personal level. With his plans for the future a new musical TV show for VH1 as well as  he is currently working on his next album featuring the likes of Pete Rock etc, his presence in the music scene is not to be dismissed.



Lava La Rue -Archie

New U.K Hip Hop

New sparkling discoveries to start the year, with Ava Laurel a youthful musician from South London.
Pure and dreamy lyrics that make you feel as if you are floating on candy-floss. Her soulful lyrics on a basic yet ideal instrumental create a crisp perfection. Hopefully more of these beats are to come out.

MC Pinty

U.K HipHop Artist

M.C Pinty is a young, fresh MC from South-East London. This wordsmith has created his own original style by incorporating garage / funk with his speedy vocals and sharp bars.


Pinty’s music is largely influenced by life. He grew up around his brother who was also an emcee. Pinty’s childhood was guided through the London night scene of drum & bass, garage and grime nights. This lifestyle would transpire into this Peckham boys musical style and blend in with his ability as a wordsmith. This idea to incorporate refined dance music with his emceeing was always his thing. Even if it didn’t seem compatible M.C Pinty made it work and it is this quality that let’s us pinpoint unique originality in this young Londoner. Pinty’s name first appeared as an artist while featured with the likes of Rago Foot, Jada Sea, Djjdsports childhood friends from South-East London. These boys together create a style of their own without tilting towards stereotypical Hip Hop. Pinty & co merge soul / funk / jazz / garage infused tracks with smooth, chilled but nonetheless on point vocals.

His journey started at the age of 15 when his simple addiction for writing and music got turned up a notch while partaking on Sicknotes radio show aired on Reasonance 104.4 FM. Along with Jadasea, Rago Foot and friends, they would take over airwaves and find themselves in their element. While finding a source of entertainment in this, these late teenagers had the determination to put their heart and soul into creating segments of quality. These shows would soon bring them recognition and a variety of positive feedback off many different sources. During these sessions M.C Pinty would produce, interview, present, freestyle and share music that as he said “would mean something to someone out there listening”. This artist found himself drawn to radio and continues to use this platform “to do imperil”. Unlike other sources of media the radio has more freedom, is less controlled and the feeling that it has no limits is what lures him in. We can sense an incredible ease in the musician when presenting Sicknotes. With his enthusiasm and eager chat we can feel he’s in his zone. Listening to Sicknotes is the perfect opportunity if you want to hear the M.C side of Pinty. This is where you can really get a feel of this artist’s talent thrown between cyphers and spurring freestyles. As a listener to these shows, the musician, who is in his own environment with friends allows passion and skill permeate through the airwaves.

The musicians talent for spitting fast comes as no surprise. It is in his first E.P Midnight Moods which illustrates the upbeat effect. His voice can either create a paradoxical sound with his smooth instrumentals or can either complete the beat perfectly with his more upbeat garage tracks. Midnight Moods was released in March 2015, being his  first concrete project. Through songs M.C Pinty has been able to capture personality and style. From meeting this young emcee I saw that Midnight Moods could be seen as a reflection of his experiences and lifestyle, which makes listening to each track like getting a step closer to undercovering a part of Pinty. Along with the atmosphere created with the abstract beats, the artist contributes to smooth, airy sensations within his words.

It is the theme of colours and midnight that create a pattern of recurrence. The theme of this bewitching hour is a personal trait of this artist and can be found in most of his songs. Midnight is Pinty’s time, a time of inspiration, of living, of youth and contemplation. ‘E’s’ by the musician is the perfect song to discover this artist. Speedy vocals, poetical metaphors with a choppy flow accompanied with Maxwell Owin’s talent for smooth yet funky tracks. The producer is Pintys principal beatmaker, who creates chilled electronic sounds, often side-by-side with him during sets. Maxwell Owin and MC Pinty have been visiting Paris in the last year for events. The French have seemed to find themselves drawn to the U.K raw underground scene. This emcee and producer have performed for Grünt, a French independent radio show and other smaller events. M.C Pinty will be returning to France’s capital the 30th September, supporting Rejjie Snow’s shows. This South-East Londoner seems to have taken the French by storm which can only be seen as an insane leap in his career. If you can capture the French, you can capture anyone’s attention.

M.C Pinty has had an incredible successful year since his release of Midnight Moods. He is constantly busy at the moment between writing, projects, promoting himself, radio shows and events. There are many ways for catching this emcee these days. He has recently been featured on Channel 4’s for Four To the Floor, a music show showcasing new, emerging artists were you can find Pinty at one of his underground events in South London. A new video has been mentioned to be on its way in the near future as well as a new E.P being worked on. With all this new material to watch out for M.C Pinty is making his name slowly but surely. If supporting two London shows for RATKING this month was not enough get ready for his future events with Rejjie Snow. You can also almost be sure to catch him with his gritty London shows which are certainly not to be missed.


Age Of Luna – Memory Luna

New U.K Hip Hop

Age Of Luna have just put out a fresh video for their track ‘Memory Lane’.

Age of Luna is a refreshing, young Hip Hop and soul infused group from North London. Each member holds an incredible talent on their own, each bringing something different to the table which creates, when together a mind blown experience. Their music can sound similar to 90’s Hip Hop/ soul groups where concious rap and harmony reign. Age of Luna is having an incredible reception with their music for all age groups: charming the old and inspiring the young. 

Memory lane is a deep yet charming tune. With the soulful, melancholic vibe which is created by each member in their individual manner.