Indigo Frequency E.P Purple Flesh

U.K HipHop Artist

Indigo Frequency has just released their crisp new dopped-up E.P ‘Purple Flesh’. This new E.P is fuelled by Whispy Ray on the main vocals and Sloths producing on the backing track and musical MC’ing to reinforce this duo’s ability to spit.


Together they have been able to capture this raw, glistening rap sous-genre of Hip Hop that has arrived this past year. A wave of new rapper’s with a divergent vibe have hit the UK Hip Hop scene and Indigo Frequency are far ahead of grasping the ins and outs of these prominent sounds that are having such a big impact on the young and new Hip Hop heads.
The resonating sound of youthful Hip Hop is captivating with their tranquillising beats. Both musicians raid your mind with Sloth’s trippy instrumentals and slow-meddling flow when rapping that make you feel like Halloween came early and Whispy’s clear-cut articulation invades your mind for you to enter Indigo Frequency’s visions and values of this generation. The slow pace of Whispy Ray and Sloth allows the listener to drop themselves into dark harsh reality of life that is numbed by the substances that we as a generation use to cope due to the corrupt governmental systems to find their real spiritual enlightenment. Their music name has a major impact on them and their beats after being named after the concept of ‘Indigo children’ a new-age concept accepting that children can possess special, unique capacities and traits and abilities. Whispy Ray and Sloth can be identified as these crystal children with their rare talents and advantages of grasping the music industry in such a short space of time and reaching their goal with such tremendous significance.
Together they sound clear-cut like Whispy’s vocals the needle of a turntable on one of Sloths vinyl instrumentals creating this Indigo Frequency. Only establishing themselves around October 2015 this newly united collaboration have been able to link up in their hometown of Ipswich after meeting from a bittersweet situation that defined a moment of their lives when Sloth got kicked out of school. With the ability to invest time and enthusiasm in creating this musical ambition they linked up while using the advantage of Sloth’s dads studio. This was the debut of the creation of the Indigo Family as a collective with adding the names of those such as Rhy Shabby, Count Drankula, Briti$h. When collaborating Indigo Frequency eject a more gritty side effect as they get influenced and involved with Shabby, Count Drankula & Briti$h’s darker facets. All together becoming a select set of  young individuals participating to this new movement of UK Hip Hop they have opened up the possibility of this Southern area to thrive off this scene. Having been musically active for a year with Sloth producing not only for Indigo frequency but for the whole family and Whispy also having a background in producing and mixing but since the last year he has concentrated on his capacity for MC’ing. Since collaborating together they released their first E.P ‘High Frequencies’ which can be seen as their first big step forth into what they have achieved now. Sloths dark, trippy, mind-meddling style of producing and MC’ing along with Whispy Rays issues of our generation crisis while rapping about youths psychological ways of diverting our young minds from these problems by entering a new spiritual wave-length.. ‘High Frequencies’ can give a perfect insight into what genre this new E.P is about, feeling a smooth evolution with a more mature yet tactful manner of keeping their constant major stylistic traits.

2016 has been an uproar for these young individuals new to the music scene. Indigo frequency with already their first E.P behind them, along with their family they branched out collaborating with each-other and sharing and creating lot’s more material. It was also another way for them to get active, not only for them to stay and jam in the studio but discover what it was like to be involved in other aspects of the music industry. Within one year they were able to become involved at local pubs, venues which evolved to the creation of their own first night ‘Indiglo’. Other than this over the summer they have whirled through the music scene attending and playing at festivals such as Latitude, NAS and boombap as well as performing for BBC introducing Suffolk at the John Peel center.

Purple Flesh is clearly visible to be seen as the golden fruit of their hard labour. Able to appeal to all as it integrates familiar ideas of sous-genres that appear in this UK Hip-Hop’s neowave it nonetheless gathers elements that define these musicians from the others which is very apparent in ‘Purple Flesh’. This E.P can be seen as a solid masterpiece of what the boys have been working for to create their own style which incorporates a clear idea of their mind-frames.
Some of the songs including ‘Try Us’ featuring Rye Shabby, invite you into the world of the messy late-night producing and gathering of the Indigo family, sharing this lifestyle they have moulded for themselves.
This fresh E.P  features a raw video for the track ‘Try Us’ to accompany the debut of this new musical discovery. We view the indigo family merging together to create an image that can define them as a group: fresh, wavey and on the ball. The visuals to the video meddle with the skatty vibrations of not only their lifestyle but the generation that this is sent out for.

Indigo Frequency within one year can be considered one of the most up-and-coming young Hip Hop duo’s, having not only established a name and their own personal characteristics but they have created a space for themselves in the music scene. With a rising amount of followers through their constant new material and activeness on the scene Indigo Frequency have a long future ahead of themselves. So let Purple Flesh invade your mind and body, allowing yourself to become one of their indigo children as this is only the beginning of adding their tracks to your playlist.

Cecil B. Digestive

U.K HipHop Artist

Cecil B. Digestive belongs to London’s South-Eastern collective bringing innovation with a fresh new style  to the Hip-Hop scene. In the heart of the South East is where an array of musicians have been thriving off each other, exchanging ideas and working together to create a rich, ingenious musical hub. Cecil B. Digestive is a perfect example of this productive process by how he works with it enabling it to flourish continuously. Down in New Cross, contemplating on his musical and self identity  with the help of a large coffee and rollie Cecil B. Digestive gives us an insight on the exclusive musical environment in which he lives.


For the last 6 years this individual has been busy creating new material from a cluster of different stylistic traits. His investment to the music scene first started with STEEZ. In 2011, Luke Newman created a monthly event to involve an array of rythmic talents. At first it was a platform for the South Londoners to inter-connect in their South East London venue for an Open MIC. A wide diversity of talents were to thrive from their acoustic performances to rap battles in this unique environment. Being involved throughout it’s time, when Luke left STEEZ a year and a half ago, Cecil B. Digestive along with Slam The Poet and Cozmas The Melodist took over, allowing STEEZ to progress.
These musical genres being a recurrence throughout Cecil’s life as his upbringing withheld a cluster of contrasting styles. His parents tangled in music themselves, his father a drummer and his mother owning a vast taste in music such as punk and rock. This produced from an early age a child who was alert to sound. This helped determine his thirst for participating somehow in music. Freestyling was seen as an apparent beginning due to his fondness in messing around and as he said ‘I’m good at swearing’. His freestyling commenced 6 years ago and since has been a process of recording in different chilled-out habitats, mostly from homemade studios in bedrooms of friends and acquaintances. Cecil B. Digestives favoured way of bringing forth new material is by working with various producers creating different musical mindsets.


This musician is renowned for collaborating with many different artists, mostly from MVC but even while creating tracks on a solo basis many different experiments have been undertaken. His first songs have been released under ‘Danke’  which then evolved to ‘Cecil B. Digestive’, a name which appealed and corresponded to his personality- not taking yourself too seriously. It is under his most recent name that he is associated with MVC. Mad Vibez Collective can be seen as one of Cecil B’s most renowned musical participations. Along with Wookz, together they created a unified crowd of individuals sharing the same beliefs and attitudes that they would express through their music. It is described as a mentality, holding it’s own persona. This idea started in 2012 where they would perform for their own enjoyment at parties but at the same time use this medium to create their own banner. MVC is described as a scene, not to be mistaken as a label. It features a variety of politically inspired individuals such as Wookz, Slam the Poet, Footshooter and Cozmas the Melodist who express their feelings and experiences of their late teenage years to present of growing up in a dishonest and unethical generation. Mad Vibez Collective along with their collaborators along the way use a very honest and demonstrative image of their morals and aims in their music as it is ‘not fashion but art’, something that has seemed to got lost in recent Hip Hop. These musicians prefer to be performers rather than use social media which is a minor medium for them. Personal interaction through nights out and events have attracted most attention to this collective from performing on radio on Sicknotes FM or performing at festivals such as Brainchild. Events organized by Cecil B. Digestive benefit not only Mad Vibez Collective but also many other artists reviving London’s spoken word scene. These events include the notorious STEEZ and also Feed the Fishes creating vibrant nights where imaginations and talent flow, becoming a platform for abundance.

Cecil B. Digestive’s rapping style varies depending on the collaboration . Between Ecstasy Wank & The Monocle Tramp which incorporates a jazz infused more traditional boom to the bap feel or even while incorporating his resounding and clear bars and melody which you can catch on Footshooter’s latest E.P or on Sofar Sounds where his talent as a freestyler is clear and undeniable.

His talent as a political and artistic MC can be seen with The Audioters, a major part of his latest labour. Along with Ragofoot this collaboration and it’s outcome took them both by surprise. By choosing to attempt a collaboration together while jamming and sharing new ideas they created 4 original tracks with Rago producing the beats and Cecil on the vocals. In this relaxed environment, Cecil B. Digestive on a stage MIC expressed his inner political and social thoughts in a raw, aggressive manner, his lyrics revealing a part of honesty in the echo of punk behaviour. With such a smooth immersion stylistically their 4 tracks that were created soon became 17. The Audioters are an example of this clear mix n’ match of talents between these young musicians of the South. When asked who Cecil B. Digestive’s musical inspirations derived from it was made clear that it was the local geniuses by throwing each other new material constantly in different genres allowing new inspiration and booming of new abilities.

The future holds many new ideas to come at an evolving pace for Cecil B. Digestive and his entourage. He spoke about a potential future label for more control on their music and artists for further liberation. But for the moment more ‘fucking round the bedroom’ for the collective separately and together is to continue. So get yourself down to the next STEEZ in London to gain a real sense of Cecil B. Digestive’s artistic work.


Finn Foxell

U.K HipHop Artist

This young blossoming M.C from Shepherds Bush is currently participating to London’s cluster of artistic musicians, renovating and expanding on different genre’s that the 21st century has to offer. Finn Foxell is striving to give his input into our eras genre of hip hop.
In paddington Street Garden’s after college, on his preferential bench he sat down to meditate on his journey in the music industry while billing and meditating over a zoot.
His enthusiasm to create his footprint in the Hip Hop scene started at a tender age. Growing up with London’s significant scene led to multiple influences stemming all the way from the general playground to the more personal tastes such as his brother. Finn has always had an involvement in the music scene with different associations on different levels. From rapping to Eminem and Lil Wayne at school from the age of 7 leading him to play around and create his first beat with his brother at 8. Always being in a sphere of musical influence, this involvement was ensured at the age of 14/15 when his friend who owned a home studio invited Finn Foxell to come and mess around with the MIC. This convenience led to him conjuring up his first tracks on the spot. This gave rise to the first songs that would be later added onto his E.P, including Lovely Day, 15-40 and Need more rizlas generating the idea to create his first project: the E.P that would come together as Introvert. These first tracks were freshly recorded directly in Parallels studio with Finn ‘summarizing the vibe’. While he came to grips with these creations which were initiated as a laugh, he tried to push this activity as it had the potential to be something with a future. Using this musical obsession as an outlet from college and other responsibilities, he was and still is able to use this as a passionate hobby that can only have positive outcomes.

Introvert came together naturally, becoming a project within itself. This E.P uploaded onto SoundCloud, bringing in more success than anticipated became the trigger setting him off onto his journey.
Since this first project, Finn Foxell has continued to release a number of individual singles through the medium of SoundCloud and Bandcamp. Seasons has been the most favoured receiving a large amount of positive feedback with it’s response exposing this M.C and his individuality. With a rising number of beats being made known to the public different sources were used to gain publicity. The use of radio stations has been a majorly new but successful medium either just for playing his tracks on the airwaves such as Radio Radar or making himself known through interviews such as Climax Radio.

This young M.C has also appeared on London’s stages for his first show at IAMNEXT event at RichMix, Shoreditch in an unexpected way where his fellow friends House Of Pharoes got him up on stage to do a hazy performance. This experience gave him a thirst for the possibilities that this passion for establishing himself had to offer.
Amongst those musically and artistically involved a natural habit of helping to propel each other is a reality. In the Hip Hop scene amongst those starting out, many connections are constructed through sub-genres connecting through different ends of London or through the medium of the media such as SoundCloud. Sam Wise has collaborated many times with Finn Foxell, both creating an coinciding with one another creating a fusion of ideas and vibes in their songs. This alliance is an example of this effect on flourishing artists, as both then met up in a home studio in Streatham for a couple of hours meditating over some zoots and playing around with beats and bars while forging ideas.  Dc Scribbla is another example of this word-smiths coalitions, being close to home illustrating the idea of ‘everything being all so connected’. Even the material for beats or the videos shot are through acquaintances enabling all these young amateurs with their various goals to become part of the prosperous artistic brains of the next generation.

Finn Foxells music has allowed itself to develop into its own individual style in an incredible natural fashion. With the most breezy chilled out vibes the listener can evaporate with the thoughts of this M.C like the smoke evaporating from his spliffs. He has incorporated this lifestyle of music in a social and diverting manner but also as a way to escape by himself, for as he expalined: ‘I am an introvert’. Finn Foxells distraction from life is to meditate in his bubble, chilling and contemplating on life which inspires his next lyrics. This sequence of pastimes produces his songs which are slowly forming a set of quality Hip Hop tunes. At the moment most of his singles are starting to have a more professional way of being revealed to the public. Gradually he has started to release tracks instead of ‘dropping them’ by sending them to different intermediates to obtain an intensified effect.
With time the music is taking on a more experienced approach as more thought is being put in to develop himself as an artist. On a musical level his style has been very much established however he has talked about playing around with more electronic and trap instrumentals on certain beats mixing with his literature, ‘mad expressing’ to innovate to a certain extent. There are plans in the future to extend his authenticity by producing himself personally instead of using random producers.
This artist is working hard to create many fresh projects due this year allowing him to bloom into a prominent Hip Hop M.C on the scene. Many projects that he has in store will enable him to get more coverage such as obtaining more live gigs, printing a limited selection of vinyls  and even putting his music potentially on Itunes, the idea of ‘taking it further’. So watch out for his future visuals on his track Posture coming out in spring capturing his distinct image, keeping it as conceptual as possible as well as the hint of his next E.P to be out this year.
Finn Foxell has been going at his own pace juggling the trials of growing up with his passion for succeeding in the music industry and has had immense positive reactions which is only a sign that this 16 year old is ahead of his time: not only is he ready for the Hip Hop scene but the Hip Hop scene is ready for him.

St. Jude 

Hip Hop article, U.K HipHop Artist

St. Jude is an emcee from Sussex, England. Since 2012, Carl Jackson has been on a quest to establish himself as a rapper in the U.K Hip Hop scene. This all started from a young age when writing poetry in his youth. At the age of 14, he started unearthing U.K Hip Hop with the likes of Skinnyman and Klashnekoff. This would later inspire him to start writing at the age of 18. At the beginning, St. Jude kept his writing very discrete. It was only in 2014 that this emcee decided to take things to the next level and go under the name of Saint Jude. Although immersing himself in Hip Hop he had already been active in multiple music scenes. During his time living in Brighton he was a vocalist in a band They Live which was an infusion of metal and Hip Hop. They released one E.P together called ‘Civil Disobedience’. Despite it being a learning curve, he did not deny the fact of it being fun but he went on to tell me ‘Our future didn’t progress as expected so I chose to focus on establishing myself as an M.C’.

The choice of the name St. Jude is a personal rendition. The Saint being a reflection for ordinary people who use their faith over the impossible odds of everyday life. This fresh E.P  Desperate Times and Lost Causes is a metaphor with Saint Jude. This symbolism can be seen as a preview of the E.P in itself.  This first project has turned into a personal journey for this artist. It incorporates Carl’s trials and tribulations of the last 5 years during a time of transition, sharing his experiences with his listeners. These everyday struggles range from the happy, more hopeful times to the angry, more sombre feelings. Experiences such as being broke, end of relationships, enlighten us into Carl’s views of life, using a poetical, deep medium. This is an E.P to not be listened to lightly. St. Judes bars are worth being given reflection, contemplation and meditation on the profoundness of this very exciting and fresh-as-a-daisy set of beats. The whole E.P incorporates the work of two producers. St. Jude contacted Think and Profound online after finding their work on fellow rappers instrumentals. This emcee released his set of songs for 4D Presents. 4D Presents is a record label that started as a university society for underground, urban Hip Hop and world music, founded by Sixth Sense and Ctek. 4D Presents is Cultured Sounds sister label, an up-and-coming name who is doing more and more events, discovering hidden gems (with the likes of Oracy). So look out for many future releases from this label as not to miss out.                                                                                                                                              
St. Jude, even after releasing his E.P the 26th of June he has been putting in an insane amount of hard work to make ‘Desperate Times and Lost Causes’ get the awareness it deserves. This drive has already produced ideas for a second E.P with a few potential tracks to use already. This new project however will vary from his most recent. He is hoping to create a more varied and conceptual piece of work.  He intends to include more collaborations ‘to mix it up’. This includes a foreseeable track with dub-fiend Fedzilla who has already produced work and performed with St. Jude.

Rising in London
Carl chose to establish himself as St. Jude once settled in London. After experiencing the Hip Hop scene as an artist in Brighton he was able to tell me the benefits of being an emergine musician in London as there is ‘a bigger scene and it’s more welcoming to newbies’. In the captial he has been able to meet many fellow artists, perform at more events  or even just the larger amount of open MIC nights. I went on to ask him his opinion about U.K Hip Hop at the moment. He exclaimed ‘It is presently blossoming and that the amount of ‘big names’ in the game are constantly increasing. All over the U.K, towns are creating their own popular, successful scenes, for example Manchester or Bristol; Boom Bap Festival encapsulates this blossoming’.

Since the release of ‘Desperate Times and Lost Causes’ this rapper has been focusing on it’s promotion. It has been featured on Itch FM, an original Pirate radio station dedicated to Hip Hop. For self promotion St. Jude has been in contact with many other artists for feedback and support. This motivation that he seems embody made me ask where he hoped to see himself in the future in the U.K Hip Hop scene. He replied quite modestly that he would feel appeased once his music was recognised and that he was established in people’s heads rather than commercially; but for the moment it was the writing that kept his satisfaction and determination for establishing himself. To carry on this route of personal success St. Jude has been getting out in the open. He has already played at two main venues in London: Hootananny and the Fox and Furkin.
         St Jude watching Fedzilla perform at the Fox & Furkin

To not miss out on his incredible brainstormed bars make sure you catch him either in Brighton, Crawley or London at Silver Bullet the 3rd of September. If for some absurd reason you can’t catch him be sure to download his free E.P:

Lee Scott – Sunshine

Trippy U.K Hip Hop

Here is a tune for these sticky hot summer days for those on holiday, reminiscing the lovely miserable U.K weather. Sunshine is by the wonderful, strange Lee Scott. 

Lee Scott has been climbing his way up in U.K Hip Hop. He has been putting in a lot of time and effort to be where he is now and has gone down many different paths while keeping his personal traits. This northerner has a specific style with his ironic references ‘Why did the chicken cross the road? find out next episode’. His fuck-you attitude is strangely absorbing with his intimidating bars.

He started in the early 2000’s in battles then went on to create the duo ‘AntiHeroe‘ which merged into Children Of the Damned. In 2006 he founded his own Hip Hop label Blah Records. He has since made his most recent album produced by Dirty Dike ‘Butterfly’ for High Focus. Lee is currently gaining incredible success with their popular 616 Devil Gang group Cult Mountain who throw their Trippy, hazy, foolish ideals into lethal bars. On his own Lee Scott is nonetheless at his best, he has released an astounding amount of material as well as one of my personal favourite albums ‘Tin Foil Fronts’.

Sunshine has a lazy, hazy vibe to it thanks to Illinformed talents and Lee Scott’s iconic spitting.

Mr. Key & Greenwood Sharps – Kids Story

New U.K Hip Hop

This song is from the duos album ‘Yesterday’s Futures’ released in June 2015. It was created in an obscure cottage in Scotland where they shut themselves off from the world to be solely with their music. Kids Story has the raw emotional storytelling of children in difficult positions and the struggles of entering adulthood. The lyrics are poignant and realistic, they are told with a poetry that makes you mouth-opened and yet wanting more.

Mr. Key started his rap career making a few tunes and being part of the group Contact Play while making a few collaborations with the likes of Dirty Dike and Jam Baxter during the formation of High Focus. He has always had deep, well-formed lyrics. Since then he has been very distant from the Hip Hop scene making very few appearances. 

However this comeback shows that he has returned stronger than ever. We can see a certain maturity in his words as well as the themes depicted such as loss, depression, adulthood, love etc. what makes Mr. Key sound refreshing is his lack of ego that we find too often in Hip Hop and can sometimes be overwhelming. We sense his purpose is to give us the truth and he does this without any vulgarity. 

Greenwood Sharps uses a variety of sounds and melodies that give an eerie, spaced-out effect. The mixture of Greenwood Sharps and Mr. Key has created a unique Hip Hop album as it has given a fresh side to U.K Hip Hop. The album is took us all by surprise with their first preview ‘Fall Away’ released in May and has since then been incredibly well received. 


Hip Hop article

DEALREAL was a U.K Hip Hop pop-up store in the heart of Soho, Newburgh street. It was re-launched from April- 8th June after it had closed it’s doors in 2007. During these few months DEALREAL had live showcases, topic discussions and signings. They had a variety of artists from U.K’s Grime artist Kano, to U.K’s lyrical poet Kate Tempest to the HipHop icon Stig Of The Dump. 

The store’s first floor had a photo gallery and merchandise. The walls held some quotes about HipHop and this pop-up store  from some of the biggest names in the game. If you walk down the stairs you reach the basement where all the magic happens.

I assisted the High Focus event on the 27th May. There was a nice, relaxed atmosphere to the event. We were around 20/30 crammed into a Hip Hop fuelled room. It was nice to see the High Focus team on a small scale for once; which is where I find my biggest strong point for DEALREAL: the intimacy of it all. 

Onoe Caponoe – DEALXREAL


Fliptrix – DEALXREAL